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Defecation – Dirty Handjob – LittleMissKinky -  | 2017 | FullHD | 1.06 GB

Jeans, chocolate and your horny dick in my hands.. what could be better^^
Scat-Eater Slave 22yo Girl Swallows a Lot Of Shit REAL AMATEUR  - Scat Amateur Teens | 2017 | HD | 445 MB

Scat-Eater Swallows a Lot Of Shit (REAL AMATEUR SCAT FEEDING SLAVE BEAUTY TEEN GIRL 2018) Beauty teen swallows a lot of fresh shit and cum. Very extreme clip! All Real And All Extreme
Chica muy guapa y cerda tragando caca fresca y corrida. Muy buena chica!
Preciosa chica superguarra tragando caca fresca y corrida se deja follar y hacer de todo. Sexo casero con mierdas real. Muy recomendable si te gusta el Scat!
Scat – Sucking A Shitty Cucumber JOI - CosmicGirl | 2017 | HD | 678 MB

Sucking my shit off a dirty used cucumber after double penetrating myself with 2 large vegetables. Includes jerk off instruction/encouragement and striptease scenes too!
***(No actual shitting scene in this one, I only suck the dirty used cucumber at the end of the clip/ but its still hot as fuck. it's 19 minutes long and IMO very much worth the extremely low price)***
Shitting Ass – Wanking monster dildo with shit - KV-GIRL | 2017 | FullHD | 601 MB

I bought a new dildo but it was clearly too big, but you can make it so fucking fun
Monster Dildo mit Scheiße gewichst
Ich habe mir ein neuen Dildo gekauft aber der war eindeutig zu groß aber Scheißspielchen kann man damit super machen
Shitting Girls – Russian girl shit play in bath - Dirty cam girls | 2017 | SD | 59.8 MB

Russian cam whore play with her scat in tube, she make a big poo and cover it all over body, also lick some.
Pooping Girls – Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat - Princess Mia | 2017 | FullHD | 791 MB

Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat
Kaviar Scat – Toilet Banned Compilation Desperate Wetting and Poop - AbigailDupree | 2017 | HD | 1.16 GB

I peed my pants.. I was forced to be away from my Master for the entire weekend. I'm so used to asking for permission to pee that I hardly knew what to do with myself. I had two orders. Drink as much fluid as humanly possible and ask for permission to pee when I couldn't hold it any longer and when i got permission, relieve myself in whatever I was wearing at that time for the camera. This excited me so much and made me feel so close to Him. The warm piss running down my legs and soaking my clothing was like His hands gently caressing me and telling me "good girl". My bladder was throbbing and I struggled to hold it long enough to get away into a private place and make sure the lighting was perfect. Sneaking my wet, piss filled pants into the laundry was so exhilarating. I didn't think I would have a poo over the weekend but I ate a big meal of bratwurst and enough roasted corn to feed a flock of chickens for a week. I felt the turd surfacing and it was a moment of desperation. I could barely wait for His response to my plea but finally. I heard "yes my slave, show me your poo up close".I propped my phone on the toilet and let my corn filled load pile out onto the top of the toilet lid. So greasy and spotted with corn kernels. Completely empty I felt so clean and turned on. I couldn't wait for the morning when I'd get to see Him and have my clean holes filled by Him
Solo Scat - EllaDearest | 2017 | FullHD | 997 MB

I have a British favourite Fish & Chips, I tell you a little about what sides I like with mine but of course i'm going to prepare yours with my shit.
I bend over the table slightly pull open these big butt cheeks and let out a nice big dump on the fish, I then smear it all over the fish and then the chips. Mixing it all in and making a rather messy plate giving you close up of this tasty dish.
Kaviar Scat - Amina | 2017 | HD | 308 MB

New girl Amina. 19 years old, height 167. Virgin
#15 – Anal, dirty toy, huge load - PocahontasDoll | 2017 | FullHD | 867 MB

Watch me get undressed as I tell you how bad I have to shit. I start fucking my ass with my dildo, changing positions and showing you how dirty my toy is. I can't take anymore and I release my huge load on the floor.
#16 – Anal – poo – anal - PocahontasDoll | 2017 | FullHD | 956 MB

I start by teasing my ass and telling you how bad I have to go. Then I start using my toy in my ass. I release my load and fuck my ass again, pausing to show you how dirty my ass is
Dirty Toddler BabyGirl - Love to Shit Girls | 2017 | HD | 968 MB

Today toddler babygirl in cute new satin dress has been on the party and has eaten too much. She shitted full diaper and her cute plastic panties also is messy, not enough place for shit and pee. toddler babygirl was very messy and some of the mess got on the dress, legs, socks,leather sofa.Looking so innocent,dirty and naughty.
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