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Shit and Blood Vol.8 Speculum - Anna Coprofield | 2019 | FullHD | 3.88 GB

Ooh, my menstrual cup is full of blood like my ass is full of shit. I wear rubber gloves because I like to touch myself in them. I take out the menstrual cup (I will use this blood later), fucking my pussy with a dildo, piss and shit a lot. It’s time for speculum! I show you my cervix for a long time, blood is dripping from my cervical hole, so juicy! However, this bunch of shit is waiting for my pussy, so I fill it completely, then let out a long, beautiful shit. Let’s see what’s inside of my pussy now…mmm, blood and shit look great together, what do you think? I smear shit and blood from the menstrual cup on my pussy and ass…Enjoy! 
Shit and Blood Vol.7 - Coprofield | 2019 | FullHD | 1.88 GB

The best quality video is divided into 2 parts. Full compressed version is also available (55:42min)

I kept the tampon in my pussy all night and put on white panties after a shower today, the tampon string was clean only for a short time. I take out the tampon and gently squeeze it to keep the blood inside because I will need it later. Pushing my panties aside, I fuck my pussy with a glass toy while blood is flowing. I keep fucking my bloody pussy and shit, fuck ass and insert panties in pussy. Oh, a lot of blood leaked from tampon while it lay on the floor but it’s okay, I dipped a tampon into this blood and then press the tampon and drip blood on the pussy, fuck my pussy and ass with my dirty toy, rub my clit and cum so fast. This beautiful piece of shit was waiting for my pussy for a very long time so I fill my sweet hole and smear shit on my ass and pussy then I let out my shit right on the panties. A small amount of shit still left deep in pussy so I take out the remnants of shit with my fingers, put on panties and smear all that shit on my ass and pussy…
Cookie & Scat – Thanks giving Bundle - ScatFreekzClub | 2019 | FullHD | 1.05 GB

My stomach was upset all day. I had the runs. I started to feel better, so I decided to bake some of my home made chocolate chip cookies. I had a cam show scheduled, I was doing a sexy nude oil strip tease. After I got finish my show I went down stairs to get some milk and cookies. I guess all that dancing and booty popping got things moving. I felt like I had to shit, as the urge got stronger. I took the cookies put them on the floor and shit right on them. Smashing the warm cookies and mixing them with my warm poop I smeared it all over my huge round brown ass an big boobs!
Cum To Me Shitting - evamarie88 | 2019 | FullHD | 685 MB

I know how much you love staring at my big tits.. i tease you in suspenders and stockings spitting on my nipples making them hard before telling you to get that dick out you dirty bastard and stroke it to my arsehole. i tease you with my arsehole and piss infront of you from behind… You like watching me piss huh now i want you to watch me shit! But your not allowed to cum till i say i give you a cum countdown and on 1 i tell you to give me your cum while you watch my arsehole shit… my arse dribbles arse juice before a load shoots out as you cum… i then give you more and open up my ass and push out a hard log… Mmmm now thats how you cum… You really are a dirty bastard arnt you!
Do not let this bitch play - DirtyBetty | 2019 | FullHD | 1.30 GB

A huge shit-smelling ass can hardly fit into the frame to show you her main skill – to shit, in any place and in any weather. This time ass chose cereal, and Betty chose a fresh pile of shit on her face. Smearing the shit on the face, Betty takes large pieces of shit and puts them in her mouth, constantly licking her lips like a dirty bitch. Really hot and dirty video!
Shit in the vagina in the kitchen - ModelNatalya94 | 2019 | FullHD | 1.20 GB

In this video, dear, dear fans, Olga and I are in the kitchen. Today we are experimenting again. We decided to fill my vagina with shit, but we will do it not with our hands, but with kitchen items, today we use two corolla. I’m on the table, and Olga is near, she will fill my vagina. Olga nasrala in a plate and took the first whisk. She smeared him in her shit and thrust it into my vagina. She played this toy in my vagina and left it there. I got cancer with a whisk inside and also pooped into the plate. Olya took the second halo and patched it in my shit and also put it in my vagina. She also played with this item and left it in my vagina. I then pushed this corolla out of my vagina with muscles. Here is a video with us this time. I remind those who just joined us, do not be lazy to spend your time and browse our store, there are already many very interesting videos already.
Mommys Blood, Farts, Poo EAT IT!+ Mini Vaginal Prolapse - evamarie88 | 2017 | FullHD | 650 MB

Watch me as your Mommy tell you how I want you to take everything that comes out of me.
My Period, My Farts And My Shit..
I Fuck My Cunt right infront of your face making it drip blood into your mouth making you taste mummys Juices..
I then continue to fart in your face making you sniff the shit thats inside of that filled up shithole of mine.
You ready for shit son.. I put my knees to my chest and push out farts with a big soft shit and then feeding you some..
Mmm You like that.
Now take my dirty arse farts in your face as I push them out watch mommys cunt mini prolapse.
From now on your going to consume everything that comes out of me..
This is our little secret
Shit and Blood Vol.2 - Anna Coprofield | 2017 | FullHD | 1.95 GB

I did not change the tampon for a long time to show you more of my monthly blood. I started shooting a video when my pussy began to leak and a blood stain appeared on my panties.
Sitting on the floor I piss in panties first then I push back my panties and piss on the floor. I insert a finger into the pussy and feel the hot tampon inside.I take off my panties and take out the tampon,show tampon and squeeze blood on my pussy and play a lil. Then I enter a glass toy in the pussy and gently fuck it and shit with soft crap at the same time. At first shit is thin and then a big long and creamy shit come out. Look at that soft and juicy shit! How many small pieces of food!
I fuck my ass with a glass toy, more cream shit flows from my asshole.I'm fucking a bloody pussy and ass with a dirty toy again and again,insert panties in pussy. I sit on the shit, knead and smear it on the floor pussy and ass. I get up and take the shit and smear it again, then take my panties out of my pussy and put them on. I continue to smear shit, because I love to do it so much!
3 Period Poos Wearing Knee High Boots - SharaChocolat | 2017 | FullHD | 231 MB

I wake up with my legs, pussy and pyjama bottoms stained red, my period is here! On the first day I got the urge to poo while in the kitchen but I didn't have time to open the door so I squat and poo right next to it. On the second day I manage to get outside just in time. I squat to poo on the front door step, such the exhibitionist that I am. I wipe and show once. On the third day I'm in the garden squatting on a little bench to poo. This is my biggest load and in a shape that is very pleasing to the eye. My poo on all three days has a softer consistency so it seems to be back to normal. I show you close-ups of each load.
Anal & Pussy fisting on V’day - EllaGilbert | 2017 | HD | 1.66 GB

What can be better than anal for V'day? Anal fisting of course! I chose to make my asshole really wet and wide open this V'day.
I start by fingering it nice and slow, getting it in the mood hehe U can see how wet it gets after a few mins only. U will hear me moaning loud as I tell u how good it feels. At the end I'm gonna cum really hard as I punch fist my lovely rosebud.
Were u thinking anal is all u get for V'day? Oh my dear, its time to stretch my bloody pussy too I'm gonna push my lovely fist inside there too and when it gets nice and red I'm gonna smear that blood on me, including my face at the end of the video!
Cum with me!
Period Fuck - JosslynKane | 2017 | FullHD | 1.58 GB

tch me fucking my bloody pussy in different position while im on my period and have a lot of fun doing it. I m so bloody and so horny, my big black cock is fucking my open pussy so good. Enjoy!
Period and scat fun - JosslynKane | 2017 | FullHD | 1.60 GB

I m on my period so i start pissing my tampon, doing a big puddle with piss and blood, omg is looking so nice, look at my tampon, i have some shit on it too. So after all this mess, i start fucking my ass, with my toys, letting all the shit to come out. omg is so good, so nice, so creamy so fucking hot! Enjoy!
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