Alice and Carolina Nylon Tights - ModelNatalya94 

Today on the video you will see Alice and Carolina. They pose for you in nylon tights. They are naked and dressed only in nylon pantyhose. Alice and Carolina showed you themselves in clean tights and their clean ass in nylon. Then the girls sitting on the chair shit and wrote in tights. You can see very well how shit fills our nylon tights and how urine flows through them to the floor. Then with shit inside a friend sat on the chairs and smeared poop inside pantyhose on the ass. Alice and Carolina masturbated with dirty pantyhose and smeared poop on the clitoris and felt like shit fell into the vagina. The girls frolicked and played with shit inside the pantyhose, sat on the chairs and rubbed to smear poop more on the ass and pussy. I hope our fans of nylon tights will appreciate our work and support us! Come to us, remember we love you very much
Memories of summer. Video 2 - ModelNatalya94 

Hello our dear and loyal fans and fans. Today we will bring to you again our memories as we spent this summer. The four of us decided to go into nature and do our favorite dirty things there. I, Caroline, Alice and Tatiana bought a cake, fruit and went to the prrod. There we were divided into pairs by me and Caroline and Alice and Tatiana. We kissed, caressed each other. Tatiana and Caroline smeared our breasts with cream from the cake and then licked it out of our boobs. Alice had just her monthly periods and she wrapped her white panties until Tatiana took them off. Then Caroline and Tatyana used rubber phaloimmiters and fucked Alice and me. Carolina fucked me, made me a cunnilingus, then put a phalos in the anal and continued to fuck me. Then Carolina nasrat me on the stomach and used my poop as food, she took a pear smeared shit and so she ate and gave me to eat a pear with her poop. Tatyana and Alice also played their game, Alice ran her blood during the month and Tatyana licked it. Then Alice became a cancer and nasrala Tatiana in the hand. Tatiana put poop on Alice’s belly and ate a little too. Carolina masturbated and I could not resist and was squirt, just as Alice wrote during how Tatiana masturbated her pussy. In general, we had a very good time on this day. We ate a cake and ate fruit and had fun with each other. We hope you enjoy our film about our memories. Those wonderful people who just decided to get acquainted with our work are welcome to visit our store and take some time to watch our videos. I hope you will find a lot of good and interesting videos for yourself, which we shot earlier! Thank you for staying with us and come to visit us always!
Olga Lolita and Yana in light jeans - ModelNatalya94 

Hello our dear fans. Today I want to present you a video that I know was missed by our very beloved and constant fan. In this video, I am in light jeans. The video is not ordinary, you will see not only me and how I write and cocoa in jeans, then a wonderful continuation. In general, listen and watch. I’m in my light jeans in my room, posing and showing you my favorite jeans and how they sit on me and how tight they fit my sweet ass. Then of course I write and cocoa in jeans, you will see the whole process on the video, it is fascinating. Of course, I show how I look in dirty jeans. Then I take off my jeans, leave them on the floor and leave the room. It would seem that all, but this time I was watched by cunning two girls. Olga and Lolita came into the room after me, she began to smell my shit, took the jeans in her hands and enjoyed the smell, then they smeared my shit on their bodies, Olga really loves my shit and of course she ate it and licked the poo from my Jeans. The girls have soiled themselves in my poop and dirty jeans today for them have become a good incentive for their game. Come to our store, we will delight you again with many interesting videos. I love you, my dear
Carolina and her dogs Olga and Alisa - ModelNatalya94 

Greetings to you my dear, dear fans and fans of our work. Today we present you a video that has been waiting for a long time and many of our fans have not hoped to see. I know that you like to watch such films and we made it for you with great love. Today Mrs. Caroline walks her submissive dogs Olga and Alisa. As usual, the dogs are on a leash and the Mistress takes turns walking them. First, Alice walks on a leash in a circle and shows her tight, round ass. The mistress leads her on a leash, orders what and how she should do and the dog Alice dutifully does everything. Then Olga Madam also leads the same way around the room and you can see her big ass swinging in motion, how juicy and appetizing she is. The lady then stops her dog, then they keep moving. Then the dogs shit in a bowl and eat their shit. Mistress, too, poops and pees them in a bowl and makes them eat their own shit. Alice and Olga meekly do it and are taken for shit of their Mistress with pleasure. What is left in the bowl Carolina decided to pour on the face of Olga. She lifted the head of her submissive slave and poured urine and shit from a bowl into her mouth. Olga tried to swallow it all at once. Then Alice did the same, Caroline tried to pour the rest on Alice’s body. But something went wrong this time and Olga could not swallow the shit and urine and she snatched this mixture a little on the floor. Drooling, snot and vomiting – this you can also see in this video. So here today we got everything unusual. Thank you, dear ones, that you are with us. We love you very much and will delight you with our new works, but already in the New Year
Alice and Carolina lick ass - ModelNatalya94 

My dear, beloved friends. Today in this video you will again see Alice and Carolina, the girls will lick the dirty anus to each other. Karolina and Alice are very beautiful girls, they are completely undressed and ready to please you with these filming. Alice lies down, Carolina kneels beside her, she lifts Alice’s legs up and starts to lick Alice’s pussy and her anus, Alice really likes it, she gets an orgasm and from this begins to crap right into Karolina’s mouth. Carolna does not depart, but on the contrary takes Alice’s poop in her mouth. Then she carefully licks Alice’s anus and her clit. Then the girls change places and Carolina lies down, and Alice is now already licking her anus and clitoris. Then Carolina also poops and pees, and Alice takes poop in her mouth. She swallows some shit and licks Carolina’s dirty anus. Girls love the smell of warm poop and love to taste each other’s shit. We all, as you remember lovers of shit. We will delight you with good videos again and again. Be with us, our loved ones
Memoirs about summer. Video 1 - ModelNatalya94 

Dear our fans, I want to bring to your attention a video that we shot with girls in the summer. This is a beautiful and interesting video, I hope you enjoy it very much and also remember the summer with pleasure. Imagine that together we walked through the forest and saw this picture: two girls admire themselves and are ready to do something unusual, but they notice two more girls who were walking and kissing in the forest. The girls took off their pants and did not shit on the ground. When the girls left, those who looked like you understood it was me and Caroline, came up to a pile of shit. We decided that now we will smell and try the shit of other girls. We took shit in our hands, we sniffed and then decided to lick and eat these shit. Caroline and I enjoyed the taste of this shit and we were very happy that this wonderful day we had the opportunity to eat other girls’ shit. We ate slowly, enjoying every bite. Then we decided and smeared our pussy and clit with poop. We had a good time and ate and reached orgasm. I really believe that you will like my idea to show videos that were shot in the summer, in the winter. You will remember these nice warm days and reach orgasm again and again!
Carolina and Alice body in shit - ModelNatalya94 

Hello, our dear and beloved fans. We have been silent for a long time, so we hope very much that you have not forgotten about us and are very bored, just like we are behind you. Do not ask why this is the case, but now we are with you again. Today Alice and I are the first to come out to you after a long break. We decided that today we’ll smear ourselves with shit. In the beginning we are dressed in blouses and bikinis. Then we remove the sweaters and caress each other. I get up and undress Alice, kiss her neck and caress big breasts. Then Alice undresses me, she also kisses my neck and caresses my chest. I lie down and Alice will rub off on my body. Shit hot and I want Alice to spread it over my breasts. She gently takes the poop and begins to smear on my chest. Then I become cancer and Alice smears the rest of the shit on my ass. Then I come to Alice, she is also waiting for warm shit on her body. I shit and write on Alice’s chest, she is dirty and wet with my urine. I also begin to smear the shit on her big breasts and then turn on the ass. When we are all in shit, we get up and rub the boobs together. We love our shit and the smell that comes from it. We hope you enjoy with us as well and get a big orgasm like us. We love you very much and are glad that you are with us.
Marina in our shit and vomit - ModelNatalya94 

Girls Marina Yana and Olga decided to have some fun to arrange for you a very dirty show in which girls Olga and Yana shit and piss on Maine but also from the mouths of Yana and Olga comes vomiting. Marina sat in the center in the chair and Yana and Olga on the sides, the girls played with rubber members put them in their mouths and then Marina took Olga the rubber cock and started fucking them in the cunt, and Jan puts in his mouth the other rubber cock and her vomit from the mouth of Yana goes vomiting, Marina all in the vomit, then Olga turns ass and shit on the Marina now, not only in vomit but in the shit, Jan as well as Olga shits and pisses on the Marina, now on the Marina even more shit and vomit. Marina’s full of girls‘ vomit and their shit.
Massage for Lolita - ModelNatalya94 

Yana Olga decided to have a massage lolita, Yana Olga wore white robes and opened a small massage room, they came to visit Lo and the girls offered her a massage, Lolita long hesitation agreed, Yana and Olga invited her in the room, and Lolita came into the room and removed the dress, Lolita stands before you and your girlfriends completely naked, Yana Olga and I offer lo to lie on the table, Lo lays on the table on his stomach and the girls are starting to give her a massage, Lolita gets pleasure from the touch of Yana and Olga, but this is only the beginning, Olga takes off pants and shit on the back of lolita, fat ass Olga leaves a big pile of shit , Olga wears his pants back to his dirty ass and starts to RUB his shit all over the back of lolita, lolita’s back all the shit behind Olga on lolita shits and pisses too, Jan and smears shit on the legs ass and feet Lolita girls Yana and Olga doing massage lolita rubbing the shit in the skin, lolita, Lolita all the shit but Yana and Olga continue to massage and RUB shit on Lolita’s body. Back, ass, legs, feet, Lolita’s got shit. This is a massage parlor in which a girl in addition to massage, still shit and piss on you, and after they used your body as a toilet continued to massage rubbing his shit in your body.
Carolina and Alice shit on each other’s panties - ModelNatalya94 

Carolina and Alice decided to use in this video their panties, girls first caress their pussy panties and then take turns girls shit and piss on each other’s panties, but this is not the end of the girl with their Asses smeared shit on each other’s panties, and then they spread shit on the body of a fool friend, at the end of this video Carolina and Alice put on each other’s panties that are in shit and show you their Asses in dirty panties
Three pairs of shoes full of shit - ModelNatalya94

Girls Yana Carolina and Alice decided to arrange a show for you in which the girls first show you their shoes and legs, the girls take turns taking off each other’s shoes and show you their feet, then each of the girls poop in their shoes filling them with shit and urine, after each of the girls filled their shoes with shit and urine of the girl began to insert their feet into the shoes and then out of the shoes urine and shit, after that the girls again show you their shoes in which a lot of shit and urine
Caroline’s all in our shit - ModelNatalya94

I Carolina and Alice decided to make a dirty show in which we Alice and I use my girlfriend Caroline as our own toilet, we shit and piss on Carolina and smear shit on Caroline’s naked body, and Carolina at this moment masturbating playing with a rubber dick, the whole body of Carolina in our shit and she likes it we love to use his girlfriend as his own toilet, Caroline also likes when she shit and piss when her body smeared shit and she is engaged in Masturbation. If you like to watch when two girls shit and piss on his girlfriend and then smear the shit on the naked body of his girlfriend then this video is for you
Alice slave for Yana - ModelNatalya94

Ian decided to record for you a video in which she uses her maid Alice as toilet slave, Jana enters the room and Alice at this time was sweeping the floor, Jan orders her to give it up and get cancer on your knees, Alice obediently executes the orders of Yana, Yana Saderat hem dress Alice and picks up the rubber dick and Fucks Alice in the ass full of shit, Ian pulls out a rubber cock from Alice’s ass and he’s covered in shit, at this point, Alice is shit and pisses standing cancer on his knees, shit, Alice is falling to his feet, Jan again enters the rubber member in the ass Alice again and Fucks her after playing with the ass of a maid Alice, Jan orders her to lift the face, Alice looks up and Jan Alice pisses and shits on his chest, then Ian picks up the rubber cock and smeared shit on the bare breast of a maid Alice, Tits Alice all in the shit face mouth, I like to use a maid Alice as a toilet and toilet slaves