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Suck My Smelly Shit - Mistress Emily | 2019 | HD | 861 MB

I am in going to use the toilet after GYM, but the toilet is defective! But my toilet slave is here to assist me and I am asking him to come in the toilet and take the position. He cleans my dirty shoes with his tongue! It’s cruel I know. But, he likes it. Further I am going to use his mouth of course! He doesn’t have a choice! He must take my huge smelly shit and swallow it!
Feeding Out of My ASSHOLE - Mistress Emily | 2019 | UltraHD/4K | 1.18 GB

Hi, toilet. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m preparing your favorite meal tonight. It’s my nice, delicious, hot, fresh from my ass, SHIT! Are you excited? You always get excited when I feeding you with my shit. It gets me so horny to do it for you. You know how much I love when you smell it. How much I love watching you eat it. And as reward you get my spit.Then, toilet, I want you to eat it all up for me
Toilet Slut Training - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 1.34 GB

Check out my new video. My slave tolerates humiliation and serves as a servant, a domestic slave. He washes the floor in my house with a rag. And I spit on the floor again. He kisses my dirty shoes and lick it with his tongue. I use it instead of a horse, playing with him like pony. I ride him around the room. Thenafter, I used him mouth like my toilet. Long smelly slippery shit come out of my asshole. He should try it. I love when toilet slave eat my shit. It's very humiliating and it's very pleasing for my toilet slaves. I think, toilet slave must always eat Lady's shit. )) like my slut
Personal Toilet - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 639 MB

Spit And Shit In The Mouth - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 847 MB

Shitting On Slave In Bath - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 635 MB

Diarrhea from Mistress Emily - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 772 MB

Eat SHIT out of my ass - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 1.11 GB

Eat my shit - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 648 MB

Emily scat emergency - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 895 MB

Emily scat living toilet - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 685 MB

Emily scat saturation - Mistress Emily | 2017 | FullHD | 845 MB

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